Savaged Soul


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CREDITS Video directed by Mirko Witzki: Actress: Anouk Aerni Special thanks to: & Thomas Schärer FS Eventtechnik & Flavio Schärer Schloss Heidegg & Dieter Ruckstuhl Written and Performed by Final Story Lyrics by Kevin Schärer Produced, recorded and edited by Sascha Maksymov at SMAKsound studio ( and Final Story Mixed by Christoph Wieczorek (

LYRICS I can’t tell if I am right or wrong I don’t know which choices could pull me down I can’t sort all the thoughts I’m facing now Watch me now not buried in the ground watch me now with only scars as my witness my mind starts to blur Waiting for the world to come crashing down I’d rather believe that it’s not on me So I try to figure out what the point of this is? Which bridges I’ve burned and which ones I’ve missed I’ve been here all along and I will carry on Do you know how it feels? To be left without hope, defeated? If your thoughts start to stick and you can’t find a way to escape You can’t imagine how deep I’m falling, down in the dirt I’ve been crawling Can’t you see? My soul seems to burst, only scars as my witness Help me out I feel like I screamed a thousand times But how could you not be deaf to my voice inside In this void between walls I am afraid to climb Drag me out of my head when I’m drowning inside Only I can change myself No one’s able to help me out I’m running away from the edge the voice in my head is feeding my doubts Just have faith in yourself they say forget about all of your mistakes I can’t suffer all the things they say anymore I can’t endure if I don’t take a chance If I can’t climb these walls I´m gonna tear them down If my soul is savaged I will still wear it close