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Video directed by : https://www.facebook.com/Trilathera Written and Performed by Final Story Lyrics by Kevin Schärer Vocals and Drums recorded and edited at Flatliners Studios (www.flatliners.biz) Guitars and Bass produced, recorded and edited by Sascha Maksymov at SMAKsound studio (www.smaksound.com) Mixed and Mastered by Andrew Wade at The Wade Studios (www.thewadestudio.com)

Lyrics: I am burning your empire burning your empire I know what you believe I see what you’re doing stop telling those lies you’ve got nothing to lose I’m here to say all of your safety has started to fall away I’ve had enough from the blood on your hands it’s time to take it back the demons are waiting all your sins all your betrayals it’s time to take it back it’s time to take it back I’m here to say your safety is falling away your empire is falling down all the angels turned away it’s too late to confess I set this world on fire just to burn all the walls down keep you safe from me you think you’re different you think you’re blessed but I can’t see your kingdom or remember your face there’s nothing left to hold on to only souls you crucified no one will forgive no one will forget all the shadows are staring at your back shadows are waiting for you